Our New App is Here: Day of Service



Notes are now on the gvcc App!

When you come to service, open your app and click on SERVICES (Video, Audio, Notes). Along with Current Series, Worship Nights and Previous Series, you will find Today's Service (if it is a Wednesday night or a weekend). You can click on Notes and follow along during the message. Take notes directly on your app. Sometimes there will be the option of fill-ins.

  • You can email your notes to yourself so you can save them or share them.
  • Pastors will occasionally add additional reading material.
  • Check out the Spotify Playlist for music from that service.

Once the message video is published in the app, you can share the message with anyone via text, email or social media platforms, depending on how your mobile device is set up.

If you have any questions, please contact info@greenvalley.church.

Nancy HayesComment