GVCC Office Hours Tue & Thur 9 - 5, Wed 1 - 5 and Fri 9 - 3
Closed from Noon - 1

Have a question for us? A prayer request? Need to talk to someone? We’re here. Every question, concern, and prayer request is received and answered personally by one of our staff members or volunteer leaders. Just use the following contact form, call (staff directory is below) or feel free to stop by our office.



Amy Aeby Office Manager a.aeby@greenvalley.church x220
Beth Attencio  
Hope House b.attencio@greenvalley.church x242
Breydon Seely Technical Assistant  b.seely@greenvalley.church
Bruce Lacher  Food | Shelter b.lacher@greenvalley.church x207
Colin Carnahan Technical Assistant  c.carnahan@greenvalley.church 
Deb Aubin Accounts Payable d.aubin@greenvalley.church
Ginger Jacob Grief Support & Connections g.jacob@greenvalley.church x217
James Adkins Facilities  j.adkins@greenvalley.church
Jim Botts Lead Pastor  j.botts@greenvalley.church
John Loera Executive Pastor | Human Resources j.loera@greenvalley.church x205
Kimmie Pitcock Life Skills k.pitcock@greenvalley.church 
Kristie Sheble Creative Arts k.sheble@greenvalley.church x209
Kristina Bandy-Hensel Cafe Superviser k.hensel@greenvalley.church 
Kyle Bowen Worship Leader k.bowen@greenvalley.church 
Larissa Carson Student Ministries l.carson@greenvalley.church x227
Melanie Miller Finance m.miller@greenvalley.church x250
Mia Dale Barista Manager  m.dale@greenvalley.church
Nancy Hayes Graphic Arts & Marketing n.hayes@greenvalley.church x233
Nicole Wetmore Local & Global Missions n.wetmore@greenvalley.church x208
Nycole Bowen Connections n.bowen@greenvalley.church x253
Oleg Yevsyukov Facilities o.yevsyukov@greenvalley.church
Peter Palmore Facilities palmorep@greenvalley.church
Poppy Booth Hope House  boothp@greenvalley.church
Rhonda Mosack  Nursery r.mosack@greenvalley.church x229
Rick Van Scoy  Facilities  r.vanscoy@greenvalley.church x246
Rob Welch  Vocal, Band & IT  r.welch@greenvalley.church x230
Rylee Champlin Children’s Ministry r.champlin@greenvalley.church
Shane Harmon Worship s.harmon@greenvalley.church x250
Tara Morgan Operations  t.morgan@greenvalley.church x226
Tim Fulton Teaching Pastor | Visits t.fulton@greenvalley.church x216
Tracy Valdez Children's Ministry t.valdez@greenvalley.church x212
Urgent Prayer Requests urgentprayer@greenvalley.church x700
Care Partners  Resources | Prayer carepartners@greenvalley.church x700



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