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Financial Freedom

 Free Preview, Sunday Sept. 11 at 12:45 PM

Free Preview, Sunday Sept. 11 at 12:45 PM

In America, Broke is Normal.

  • 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
  • 24% of their paycheck goes to consumer debt payments.
  • 64% can’t cover a $1,000 emergency without borrowing money.

We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.  Someone once said, “God gives every bird its food, but He doesn’t throw it into the nest.”

Most people know they need to do better with their money, but they find finance intimidating.  Let’s be honest.  Personal finance is not the most interesting topic for most people.  But it doesn’t have to be boring.  

In his videos, Dave Ramsey through his Financial Peace University uses props, emotional stories and lots of humor. Millions of people have started on a path to financial security by working on the principles that Dave teaches.

For more than 20 years, the Dave Ramsey organization has been helping American families across the nation change their financial future one step
at a time. Dave teaches people in a way that is completely unique – by entertaining, motivating and educating.

Dave Ramsey has made a career of taking God’s message and making it relatable so people are empowered to actually make the changes they need to make.  By sharing his own story and inspiring people to change, he gives them hope.  

Personal finance is not rocket science.  Most people know what to do with their money; it’s the doing that’s tough.  Living paycheck to paycheck, being deeply in debt and having no savings are just symptoms of a much bigger problem in America today:  poor financial behavior.

Personal finance touches all areas of life.  People need step-by-step instruction to learn how to change their behavior to truly make an impact on their lives.  When people’s finances are in order, their entire perspective on life changes.

Financial Peace University is an approach to financial wellness that produces lasting behavior change.  FPU will help you learn how to set aside emergency savings, get out of debt, get on a budget and set you on the way to saving for your future.

Here at Green Valley Community Church, our Financial Freedom Ministry has a vision for helping people live better lives by taking control of their money God’s way.  We know that money is only one area of our lives, but it’s one that affects everything from our health, to improving marriages and relationships to our general well-being.

Why is Financial Peace University successful?  Because it works!  

Read what other GVCC students have said:

“We learned to be responsible & organized in managing our income.”

“This class has been a blessing & will help transform our lives.”
— GVCC Financial Peace Students

This class is a MUST!  It can be a life-changing experience.  How often have we heard from FPU students, “I wish someone had shared this advice sooner?”  It’s never too late to adopt new habits.  Learning to manage the gifts God has given you financially will be made clear during the class.  You will have a new perspective on even the purchases you make.  You will be asking yourself, “Is this a Need or a Want?”

There is always a gap between what people know they should do and what they actually do. Education is key to financial well-being.  But when people think of financial education, they think of a boring one-hour seminar.  

FPU video lessons were built not just to educate, but to be fun and entertaining as well. We’re the fun money people.  We do what no one else does to get results that no one else gets – and we have a great time doing it. 

“This class was such a blessing! My husband and I saved for our emergency fund, paid off our debt, learned about insurance and made appropriate changes.”

“Wish we had taken this class sooner! I would have loved to have taken this before we got married.”
— - GVCC Financial Peace Students

Since starting Financial Peace University here at GVCC, 433 people have attended over the last 5 years.  That’s almost 20% of our normal church attendance.  That still leaves 80% who have not yet attended.  Few have not heard of Dave Ramsey.  8 million people listen to him on more than 550 stations weekly.  More than 2.5 million families have gone through FPU.  1
 in 4 high schools across the country use his curriculum.  

FPU provides simple and practical, common sense instruction on how to handle money in a way that applies to real life.  Dave’s “Baby Steps” teach people about financial wellness the same way they learned to walk, one step at a time.  By working this simple and practical program, the average person pays off all of their consumer debt in 18-24 months.

We do not want you to be one to miss this opportunity.  Please join us in this life changing adventure of Financial Peace on Sept. 18th from 6 - 7:30 PM.

Free Preview, Sunday, September 11 at 12:45 PM

Starting this September, in addition to FPU, we are presenting the newest class, “Smart Money, Smart Kids”.  This 6 week class teaches parents how to teach their kids to avoid the mistakes most of us have made handling our finances.  Instead you will learn how to help them develop the good financial habits that will last them a lifetime by starting at an early age.