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For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you.
Plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE.
— Jeremiah 29:11
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Since 2005, Green Valley Community Church has helped over 70 women and 150 children through our Hope House ministry. Homeless moms with children can find housing and stability in our program; whether they need to get out of an abusive relationship or are struggling with addictions, we offer help rebuilding their lives. We are teaching our women how to live life differently, like God intended: ABUNDANTLY.


So where is Hope House now? We are THRIVING!
In August, we had two new families move in. Many of our families are coming from broken homes where they are simply repeating patterns of behavior that they have seen in their own families. There are generational cycles of poverty and additions that our women are learning to overcome.
They participate in classes (i.e. parenting , nutrition, health, education, counseling, communication, recovery, and budgeting). They do different studies to help build their faith and are learning how to be healthy from the inside out.

This is living FAITH ALIVE.

It's important to remember that these are individuals, names with faces, actual lives being changed. I was reminded of this and the impact we make only a few weeks ago...
One of our new families has a 9 year old daughter. After moving into Hope House and being with us for a couple weeks, I received an origami heart in our office inbox. It was a beautiful pink heart and the outside just said: “Beth & Ellie.”
It was beautiful! This little girl asked me to open up the gift and to read a note inside. I slowly unwrapped this special piece of art she had carefully put together. When I read the words written inside, tears immediately filled my eyes… the note simply said, “Thank you for letting us stay here.”

note on heart

It wasn’t the simple words that tugged at my heart, it was the deeper meaning behind them. You see, I knew how much being in our house meant to this little girl. For over the past year, she had been living with her mom in a motel. They had lost their home after years of addictions and bad relationships. This sweet 9 year old had seen her mom go through a rehabilitation center and struggle with addictions her entire life. 
She has seen brokenness and hurt. But now knowing she has a place to “stay”, a place to “belong” and somewhere safe, she herself has hope. She herself is seeing her mom make good healthy choices and knows that things will be different for their family. She believes she now has a FUTURE.

Faith on leaf

So as I closed that heart and carefully reshaped it (with her help of course!), my heart overflowed with thankfulness and contentment. I have such a full life. Many of us do. Many of us can’t even imagine ourselves or our children living through what so many families live through. I couldn't imagine the thought of not having a family or friends to turn to when things were hard. Not being able to provide a roof over my child's head... Things changed for me that day.

I've realized that rather than just ignoring the situation or thinking something small can’t really make a difference, it’s us taking the time to realize that by helping one mom at a time, helping one child at a time, that we are actually creating a huge RIPPLE EFFECT.

And that, is living FAITH ALIVE.


This is more than just supporting a “ministry”, it is truly about helping these families to actually have a fighting chance to rebuild their lives. And so I ask you to please remember, it's not about the numbers, it's about the stories. It's about the faces and names behind the numbers. It's about standing alongside these families and supporting them. Holding them accountable, offering them love, acceptance and encouragement. Supporting them and caring for them as we were called to do. This is what it means to live FAITH ALIVE.

Beth Atencio


We really hope everyone will support Hope House and its families at our
Annual Golf Fundraiser.
This is our one yearly fundraiser where a majority of our funding comes from for our program. Every person that helps makes such a difference!
100% of all proceeds goes directly to Hope House and yes, it’s tax deductible!



  • Sponsor! Own your business or know someone who does? Have your business advertised in press releases and during our event.

  • Register! to play! Sign up to play yourself or with a foursome.

  • Donate! We need items towards our silent auction!

What: Hope House Annual Golf Fundraiser
When: Tuesday, October 18th
Where: Apple Mountain Golf Resort
Time: 8am- Putting Contest; 9:30 AM - Shotgun Start

Or contact: Beth Atencio atencioe@greenvalley.church 530.622.3231 ext 242



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