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Portraits of Devotion

 Portraits of Devotion Starts September 20!

Portraits of Devotion Starts September 20!

Book Study
Portraits of Devotion

Have you ever wondered why God wired up most women with the ability to speak over 10,000 words a day? And then, WHO on earth could possibly appreciate them? It makes me chuckle when I think of God weaving me together in my Mama's tummy...I imagine HIM thinking, "Hmmmm, I'll give this one LOTS of words and a great enthusiasm to use them." AND THEN, by the Grace of this same wonderful God, He has taught me about the power of words: the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have learned on my journey of faith - that there are incredible benefits to be found in the gathering with women. I intend no disrespect to my husband, sons, or any man for that matter, but there are just some things that only another woman will understand. I MEAN SHE REALLY GETS IT!! You know Ladies, the type of understanding that comes when all you have to do is walk into the room and plop into your seat, and that dear friend hands you a coffee, tissue or wraps you in a gentle hug! I simply believe women need women. Even my dear husband will gently ask me some days, "are you seeing your Tuesday Girls soon?" Bless his heart!

So Ladies, if you are interested in getting connected to a grand bunch of imperfect, loving women who yearn to be transformed into who God would have them be, then please consider checking out the Tuesday Girls this Fall as we continue our daily devotional study on "Portraits of Devotion." If you are new to the group, you will not feel left behind, as this little book is a daily devotion read, and you will simply pick up where we left off - Day 100.
Tuesday Girls meet on Tuesdays beginning back this Fall on September 20th at 9:30 AM in Room 305 at Green Valley Community Church.
Books will be available at the Life Skills Office at GVCC; or on the first day of class, or you can pick yours up online - "Portraits of Devotion" by Beth Moore.

I hope you will consider joining this wonderful study - see you on September 20th!

Dee DiMuccio