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Classes Starting September at GVCC

Our fall Life Skill Classes are in full swing. Three classes start new sessions tomorrow! No matter what you are going through, you can find a safe place to grow with others who understand what you are going through. 


MARRIAGE 52: How We Love 

In this series we will seek to discover the root of our relationship challenges and learn to protect and improve our most valued relationships - especially our marriages. How We Love, by relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich, draws on the attachment theory to show us how our early life experiences create an "intimacy imprint" that shapes our behaviors, beliefs and expectations. Marriage is the one relationship on earth that should most resemble our relationship with God, and true intimacy with God and with our spouse is essential for a healthy, God-honoring marriage and family. Join us for lively discussion, insightful instruction, healing and a deeper understanding of yourself and how to enhance your marriage.

Sundays, September 11 - December 18 at 11:15 AM in Room 307. $7/person reg fee.



It is time to deal with the issues surrounding your separation or divorce. This 13-week class covers topics such as healing, anger, depression, financial survival and moving on with your life after divorce. Appropriate for anyone separated or divorced regardless of how long it has been.

Sundays, September 11 - December 11 at 11:15 AM in Room 401. $7 Reg fee.



This dynamic 13-week course helps single parents find practical strategies and develop hope for the future. It uses video presentations, group discussions and personal workbooks to assist a single parent find the help and hope they are looking for. Topics include feeling overwhelmed, money and career, goals and expectations, parenting approaches, conflict resolution, dating and single sexuality.

Sundays, September 11 - December 11 at 9:45 AM in Room 400. $7 Reg fee.