Ken Burkey / Tony Neeves Interview

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This weekend, Ken Burkey interviews filmmaker Tony Neeves, who visits us from Britain.

Tony Neeves


Tony Neeves came of age in London’s advertising world. But a dramatic conversion in 1969 led him to redirect his heart and his ambitions. Tony vowed to transform the way Christians communicate in the media. He helped found Tearfund, a Christian relief and development organization. He also set up his own ad agency, Greenleaf. And convicted of the biblical mandate to fight poverty and injustice, Tony has worked as a Vice President of Compassion International. For 35 years, Tony’s primary passion has been to challenge and educate God’s people by producing and directing award-winning documentary films for nonprofit organizations. 58: was born out of this passion to, as he says, “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.”

Watch Live 58: The Film Online

Watch Live 58: The Film Online